Learn about E-CUBED, our Enrichment Model

Learn about E-CUBED, our Enrichment Model

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In our last article, we introduced you to some of the enrichment learning opportunities that are part of the Rio Grande Educational Collaborative after-school programs. Today we’d like to introduce you to how we select and structure each program that we bring to our students. Most of our after-school programs utilize the E-CUBED model, which is based on Exploration, Enrichment, and Education as the three essential building blocks of extended learning. Our team of educators has developed and trademarked this system, which ensures the quality of our enhanced learning strategy.

We designed the E-CUBED model to improve academic outcomes for New Mexico’s elementary school students and build upon learning already taking place in schools. The focus of our program is to complement the work of public school teachers, so planning lessons for this learning model is ultimately a collaboration between teachers, principals, and RGEC staff. Members of our team write the lessons, and topics are specifically chosen based on conversations with teachers and principals about what students at their school need most.

So, how does the E-CUBED model work? We look for lessons, activities, and topics that provide students with Exploration, Enrichment, and Education to enhance learning. The building block of Exploration reflects that children are naturally curious, and their learning doesn’t end with the last school bell of the day. We seek to offer lessons that stimulate and engage curiosity, expanding a child’s capacity for learning. Enrichment refers to how our after-school programs provide an immersive learning environment. Rather than simply giving out more worksheets, we engage students in activities that teach real skills in reading, math, science, and the arts. They will be learning in a safe, supportive environment. The final building block is Education –the goal is always to teach children useful information, and we use disguised learning that allows for greater creativity in teaching methods.

By providing fun learning opportunities through creative teaching methods, we seek to capture the interest of each child while also expanding on their academic achievement. This unique type of learning offers students a safe environment in which they can engage with their school community, as well as the world around them. We hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to RGEC’s E-CUBED learning model. For more information on our enrichment lessons, stay tuned for our next email.

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